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Wouldn?t it be nice to have your ideal physique, lose excess fat and gain the muscle you’ve long desired? Get prepped for an upcoming show, or a holiday. Wouldn?t it be amazing to see the results you work so hard for, quickly? Transform your body, your health and your whole way of life with the help of Toshaans unique approach to fitness. Throw away your starvation and yo yo diets. TM-FIT is a scientific approach to training that?s about delivering sustainable results and long lasting change. Evolve your attitude towards your body and learn to love your workouts. Tailor made programs to assist you in attaining your goals and surpassing them. It’s time to be the best you possible.

Toshaan Malik is a level 3 qualified personal trainer based in the UK. He has a wide array of fitness related certificates including Sports Nutrition, Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner, Sports and Exercise Nutrition Advisor, Detox Specialist, Metabolic Rate Diet Specialist and Diet Specialist. He has extensive experience training clients within India and UK.

How It Works

  • Choose your plan
  • Complete questionnaire and return with your pictures
  • Customised plan will be designed and forwarded
  • Consult with myself
  • Transformation


About Us

I have been into sports my whole life as I played football for years. Although with football I had my fair share of injuries and what not including internal bleeding in my knee cap and ACL ligament tear and many more. I still loved it though; sport has always been a big part of my life. Then i joined a small gym nearby my house to hit some cardio and to recover from my injuries. After 3 months of cardio and some intense upper body training , I was hooked on it already (THE IRON BUG BIT ME , BIT ME HARD). Later on, I realized that the love for soccer was not there anymore for me. Being a compet...

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Neelam Malik
Mom The journey of my mom from 78kg to 70kg and her goal is to get to 65kg, which we are still working on. A little about her, she is suffering from hypothyroidism, heel pain and lower back pain. She used to have heel pain while walking because she was overweight. She always used to tell me what's the use of you studying this much, being a personal trainer and having all this knowledge when you cannot help me in losing weight? Here are her results today. I'm really proud of her dedication and sacrifices she has made. She had eggs for the first time in her life cause I wanted her to eat them for 3 weeks in our detox diet. This has not only helped in her losing weight but now she is eating food which she used to eat every day. She does cheat sometimes but still she is maintaining the weight. In the process, she did no exercise and used no supplements.
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